Mozartの声楽曲はこんなに美しかったんです。The vocal music of Mozart was so beautiful(2018.1.24)









I do not listen to the vocal music of MOZART many times not to mention opera except requiem.

I purchased it recently because it recurred in SHM-CD.

What have liked quality of voice (as for the good looks) by a recent check of LuLu of BERG of Erdmann as for the opportunity, to be frank.

The beauty of her soprano is different from how to use voice in the contemporary music (for degrees of leaning suppressing the feelings such as the talk, a sound strong) in putting its shoulder to the wheel taking advantage of this in the world of the vocal music in accord with Berg and Mozart and feels one stimulating at all these days in comparing it.




(as for this unfinished opera of BERG, there is a problem for supplementary writing, and various differences are taking place by the direction and, as for this direction, there is quite much severe criticism in the public, but I think that soloists are good and all the quality of voice is splendid personally.)

If she can sing with the opera of the modern thing, e.g., opera of Toshio Hosokawa to her who is good of the soprano, I think that is splendid at all; at the end of this month opera "the sea, the quiet sea (direction:Oriza Hirata )" It is surprised to be chosen by the cast presenting again.






However, it is difficult naturally to hear live broadcasting because it is the raising of the curtain in Germany.

It is decided that check does the DVD which it has already released sometime.

Opera (Wozzeck,Lulu) only for Berg came for some time for 30 years when I listened,

I right intend to enter Opera of the present contemporary music, the backcountry from now on.