violin 協奏曲の追求は続く(The pursuit of the violin concerto continues) ②(2017.12.12)Rihm, Dusapin, Mantovani - Violin Concertos






いつもこの中の音源から1つを購入しているわけではないが 大賞銅賞現代曲部門で

"Record Academy Award" of music magazine "Record Art" was decided this year.

Purchase nothing from a sound source of this inside all the time, but is the grand prix bronze medal modern convoluted part gate; collection of violin concertos [W. Rihm in Renault Capucon /21 century: Poetry of the painter, P.Dusapin: Aufgang (rise ),B. Mantovani:) I must check it if it becomes play] of the water. It thought of the performance of Renault Capucon for the first time to listen, but purchased it in music of Berg and Brahms to see HP of ERATO astonishment, approximately two years ago.,5099960265326/capucon-renaud-brahms-berg-violin-concertos












それが今年一番インパクトの強いviolin 協奏曲(Georg Friedrich Haasの2番)となった。


Checked usual advantageous Berg, but, as for his performance, there was not an impact, and there did not need to be the thing that I keep the name of Renault Capucon in memory; there is.

Then how about the work which he entrusted this modern composer with?

All three pieces of them heard around eight times and at last saw a melody. It is necessary for me to listen many times more.

 Rihm: It is the expressionism that influence of Berg has a big.

Dusapin: It is the thing called the pupil of Xenakis, but myself am the first composer.

     Oh, is it a melody of Hosokawa?

Mantovani: This person is the first it, too,

I hear the new work that more impacts are strong on the way which I listen so to in this way on a radio,

It became violin concerto (the second of Georg Friedrich Haas) that the first impact was strong in it this year.

(it will be said that these contents will pick you up again later)