JAZZのリマスター盤チェック(Remastering Disc check of jazz)③:CHARLIE PARKER STORY ON DIAL VOL.1&2(2017.9.9)



ここ最近、名盤 ”bird”symbolsの曲が脳裏を貫く。そのON DIALに吹きこまれた集大成である昔から気になっていたCHARLIE PARKER STORY ON DIAL VOL.1&2がSHM-CDで再発されている(実際には最新リマスターはされていないが)ので購入した。

30年前に ”bird”symbolsを聴き込んでいたが、もちろんその2枚の中には入り切れていない知らない名演が、、。



PARKERの他の音源が少し気になりだしてきたところでVERVE時代の未発表”Unheard Bird: The Unissued Takes”が昨年発売されているのを知った。



In here these days, music of excellent record "bird symbols" goes through the mind. CHARLIE PARKER STORY ON DIAL VOL.1&2 worried about from the old days that were the collected studies blown into ON DIAL was SHM-CD and purchased it in one (but the latest remastering is not really done) of recurred.

Good acting not to know that I listened to "bird symbols" many times 30 years ago, but of course two pieces cannot finish containing.

It is totally positive to give to even if I cheer it up again that this work impress me as art beyond the times although it was recorded 70 years ago.

It is positive to give to even if I cheer it up again that I impress you.

Some other sound sources of PARKER are unpublished "Unheard Bird: of the VERVE era in the place where I have begun to be interested I knew that The Unissued Takes "was released last year.


Is going to release the latest remastering board of the SAVOY era in November, but think to check this in time earlier; nowadays.